2019’s Top Trends in the Kitchen

Updating your kitchen this year? 2019 already looks like it’s going to be a big year for new storage solutions, new colour schemes and new design ideas. Debenvale of Woodbridge, custom kitchen designers based in East Anglia, are here to help you achieve your dream kitchen incorporating all the current trends with our traditionally-made furniture.

Here’s a summary of what’s taking this year’s kitchen trends by storm:

Deep and Dark

The use of darker colour palettes and primary colours are splashing into the kitchen world and leaving their mark, contrasting with shades of grey and taupe. Accessorising with stainless steel and alternative metals really makes an impact. If black is little too much for your space, then why not look at the equally on-trend colour, grey? The large amount of shades and tones means there is a colour for every kitchen space.

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Wood and White

Two-tone kitchens are making more of a statement this year. In 2018 two tones of the same colour within a kitchen were a must-have. This year they are becoming bolder and more eye-catching.

White and wood is expected to start featuring more in homes. The two different textures and finishes bring together natural and man-made materials perfectly, preserving a light and airy space. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of bringing a fresh feel to your new kitchen.

Wall Units

Another trend to take off this year is using shelving on the walls instead of wall cabinets. Alternatives include using glass on old scaffolding boards and metal on coloured panels. There is an option to suit all kitchens. To add finishing touches, add an array of ornaments and utensils.

walnut shelves

Mixing Metals

Moving away from the idea that all metals should match, this year is the year to mix. Brass made a real impact in 2018 and this year we will be seeing more of the black and cooper coming through. The art of mixing is still a hard thing to achieve but the freedom that comes this year allows your metals to sit next each other in all areas.

Tech Savvy

Virtual assistants, AI and Smart technology is a booming market and is becoming a key feature to include in your home renovation and kitchen planning. We are growing more and more familiar and reliant on the latest technology and apps, allowing us to control lighting, sound and entertainment effortlessly from the comfort of your sofa. And kitchen appliance manufacturers are developing their products further into this growing market based around Smart functionality and wifi-connected devices. A whole host of features are becoming available, from fridges that keep an eye of your groceries to ovens that start cooking while you are on your way home from work. Watch this space as the latest features unfold.

Leather and Wood Drawer Pull

Organic products are a massive part of our lives and green accessories are making their way into our homes. These include handles within the kitchen. The leather is such a natural product and brings a soft, warm texture into the space. Wooden handles have been a standard choice for years, but the variety of designs, colours and styles is increasing all the time.

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Integrated storage solutions within pullout larders and spice rack holders are now a major part of any kitchen design. They offer reams of storage within all units and keep everything organised, making your cooking routine easier. Graphite-coloured storage systems work well with ultra-modern and bespoke contemporary kitchens.

Induction Cooking

Induction hobs have been steaming ahead of any other cooking facility for the last few years and their technology is just getting better each year. The fast and safe technology emits less heat, keeping you and your room cool whilst cooking. The latest models incorporate ventilation and induction into one hob. The new venting hobs are a great piece of technology and a great space-saving idea.

Why not come and have a look for yourself today within our fully functional showroom in Suffolk?

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