Bathrooms, bespoke and luxurious

Elegant fitted bathrooom furniture

Why is it so important to get the bathroom right? Bathrooms are one of they few places that we are ever truly alone, they need to feel restful and nurturing.

Let’s face it, for so many of us a bathroom is an escape or a sanctuary. Some time with our own thoughts, perhaps in a a sumptuous full bath of bubbles. To enable ourselves to relax, there must be a sense of calm, a place where nothing else need be done but indulge.

Whilst the bath is the showpiece in this first maser en-suite, it’s what we look at while we’re in the bath that counts. We love the seemingly effortless combination of natural marble with the smooth hand-painted wood of the cabinet work, and as you’d expect, the drawers are constructed from solid oak with lovingly finished dovetail joints, even the hidden elements are a delight.

A neat counterpoint to the minimal straight lines of the units is the finessed curves of the stonework and the plumbing. Subtle LED lighting around the mirror supplements the light from above. The well proportioned double sink allows for plenty of space and comfort during those rushed morning ablutions!


Bathrooms bespoke to any space

It’s important to note the architectural significance of this home, the glazing in this second en-suite follows a neat oblique to reflect the roofline and features some impressive glazing which automatically frosts when the light is on!

Working with the homeowner, the designers delivered a beautiful solution to the triangular space, delivering efficient storage with real functional elegance. The minimal cabinet work, finished in Little Greene paint for durability and maintenance, sports sleek, recessed handles. The bespoke shelving is LED lit and draws focus to the display ‘objets’ leaving the bathroom user surrounded by simple aesthetics.

Handcrafted and bespoke fitted bathroom furniture

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Handcrafted and bespoke fitted bathroom furniture

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