Bespoke furniture project in Framlingham a multi purpose sewing room

At the beginning of the year, we completed this beautiful sewing room for our client in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Sewing Room

Our client first came to us looking for a storage system to match the style of some furniture they already owned. Whilst at the customers home to measure the space we took photos of the existing furniture so we could match the shaker design perfectly with the bevelled detailing and beading. Our client picked a beautiful oak to compliment her floor which was already laid in the room.

Custom Corner Unit
Existing furniture style to be matched

Our client was looking to create a storage space which could house her sewing and knitting machines whilst at the same time acting as a display cabinet for her items with plenty of additional storage. This means the room can be used as normal dining/entertainments room when needed. We included glass display wall units and illuminated with top lighting.

Sewing Machine Unit

The knitting machine is a wide machine that needs height to be used fully. To incorporate both we designed a pull-out shelf with double extension soft closing runners that can hold a large amount of weight so the machine can be used at its full potential with no doubts of the shelf bouncing or bending. This is all encased into a pocket fold door system. Tucking the doors back into the unit makes the shelf a completely workable space.  A hidden ribbon of LED lighting is recessed into the shelf above with a motion sensor allowing ease of turning the lighting on and off.

Sewing Machine Unit Sewing Machine Unit

Space has been created for the sewing machine in one of the side cupboards so it can be moved onto the pull out shelf whenever needed. We installed plug sockets into the back of the unit which are easily accessible for when machines need to be plugged in. The shelf is wide enabling our client to use the top like a table with lots of room to spread out and work comfortably.

Custom Glass Side Unit

The cupboards and drawers either side of the work area allow easy access to scissors, pins, threads and needles. The drawers are also double extension, so our client can use the full depth of the drawer without any blind rummaging at the back. These runners can hold up to a weighty 40kg so can be fully loaded with accessories.

Custom Door Unit

A beautiful rose gold knob was picked, and we think it complements the oak perfectly.

Our client requested that a television was designed into the units to be used for tutorials when working with their machines or for entertaining the grandchildren when they visit. The television is neatly set back into the unit but mounted on a moveable arm so can be moved around and tilted to the correct positioning.

The lower shelves in the main unit house the printer and accessories. The far-left cupboard is housing the WIFI and other tech items stored away and out of sight.

This is a beautiful example of our renowned craftsmanship and the client is delighted with their completed bespoke furniture project.

Customer Comments:

Rosemary from Framlingham “I want to thank everyone at Debenvale for creating just what I was looking for.”

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