Bespoke Office Furniture and Library Shelves

Bespoke home office furniture

Working at home, it really is the new normal, is it not? If you’re going to have to work there, might as well do it in style, comfort and peace. Banish thoughts of photographic veneer-clad filing cabinets and desk-tops of melamine, and allow yourself to imagine the handmade office space you’d love to spend your time in; you’ll never leave the office.

These handcrafted units are coated in Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell, Urbane Grey, which really couldn’t be a better name for office paint. It is durable, washable and provides a subtle low-sheen finish. The flush fronts provide sleek, minimal lines and the recessed handles evoke a certain retro feel.

The desk-top is a beautiful limed oak, custom cut to suit the room and missing no opportunity for wonderfully-radiused corners. The L-shape allows freedom of movement and flexibility to spread out with paperwork without interfering with the vital computer access. The deep drawers allow larger items to be hidden or for suspended files to hang without the clatter of a metal filing cabinet.

Handmade desk and library units

Have you ever worked in an office where they say, ‘we don’t need more storage’? Neither have we. The cupboard space below the library shelves provide a continuity of line around the room, and also that vital extra hideaway for all of those bits of office clutter that might be useful one day (you know, power adapters for phones you had in 1998).

The layout of this handmade library/office shelving is a joy. The desk top and the upper shelf provide a neat frame for the asymmetric shelves below. Importantly, they allow the items to breathe, and allow the room to relax. Nothing shouts mess like packed shelves, and these are impossible to mess, their clever design forces each section, regardless of its contents, to conform to a golden ratio of organisation.

We really like the half-depth shelves, which serve as display sections, they allow the vital components of the home’s structure to co-exist without intrusion. Each space reveals light in its own way, some apertures are unlit, drawing in natural light and shade, others are down-lit with LEDs, and other are up-lit with LED strips or downward LED spot lights. The result is a texture created by light, which changes throughout the day, and provides a surprising interest to office storage.

The neat counterpoint to the horizontal recessed handles on the desk is the vertical recessed handle on the lower cupboards, and once again, the units are hand-finished in that urbane Little Greene paint, called Urbane Grey.

Bespoke Desk and Cabinets

Handcrafted Office and Library Shelving

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Bespoke Desk and Cabinets

Handcrafted Office and Library Shelving​

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