Choosing the right kitchen worktops in Ipswich and East Anglia

Here at Debenvale we design, manufacture and install projects including kitchen worktops in Ipswich and East Anglia and we understand the importance of choosing the right kitchen worktop to go with your new kitchen.

You may start by choosing the colours and texture that you are drawn to and that will compliment your choice of kitchen cabinets and flooring. The kitchen worktop is one of the first things that you see in a new kitchen so its important to browse a range of styles and colours. We will provide samples for you to take home so you can see them in the natural lighting of your room.

Consider the practicalities of your choice, for example solid wood provides a beautiful finish to your luxury kitchen but will require some upkeep to keep it looking at its best, in contrast to certain quartz and granites which can be a good choice for low maintenance and a long lasting surface.

Read on for a summary of the kitchen worktops in Ipswich and East Anglia that we offer:


Granite has been a highly popular choice of worktop over the years. This top is durable and very functional but also adds a stylish look and opulent feel to your new luxury kitchen.

Granite is a natural stone, so each pattern is unique to each slab and makes a statement in your kitchen.

granite kitchen island

Granite is extremely strong and can be heat, scratch and stain resistant.

Most commonly available with a smooth, polished surface it’s hygienic, non pourous and therefore easy to keep clean. If you are looking for a matt appearance granite is also available with a honed surface, this is more unique but be aware the non-shiny honed surface makes the granite porous so it will need regular sealing and can be susceptible to damage from spills and stains.


Quartz is an incredibly popular worktop choice with our clients. Although it’s a man-made stone it has the durability of natural stone and minimal upkeep.

The great benefit of quartz is that it can withstand nearly everything, its scratch proof which makes it low – maintenance and can be heat resistant too, although we always advise using a heat resistant matt before placing pans straight from the hob onto the worktop.

Quartz can be customised to suit any kitchen and comes in a wide range of colours and styles from natural finishes and subtle marbled patterns right through to bold designs and light reflecting glass and mirror fragments which will add sparkle within the stone.

Quartz can comes in various thicknesses and slab sizes and we offer professional fabrication to your required surface area. Some brands will also offer a guarantee for as much as 25 years on their quartzstone products.


Corian is a mix of plastic resin and bauxite pigments which makes it one of the most design flexible materials on the market.

Corian is a very hygienic and dirt/bacteria resistant material due to the fact that its manufactured with no joints to trap any germs. You can continue the smooth flow of surface with a corian sink within the worktop.

Its smooth and satin finish is highly desirable but it can mark with light scratching so it does require upkeep and careful handling and as it is made from a plastic mix it is not heat resistant.

Corian is one of the most experience materials out of all the options due to its flexibility.


Wood adds natural beauty to any kitchen. Weather you have a traditional space or an ultra-modern one it works for all areas. We offer a range of solid kitchen worktops in ipswich, from Oak to Walnut, we can provide all solid wood types machined in our own on site workshop.

Wood often improves with age and settles into the area it is fitted and if any accidents occur, being solid, they can be sanded away.

However to keep your wooden worktop looking the best possible, you will regularly need to lightly sand and re oil your surface and you will need to use chopping boards and trivets to protect against hot pans and knifes.


Laminate is made from a high-density chipboard and then coated with a plastic laminate.

It comes in various colours, sizes, designs and patterns.

Laminate is an affordable solution if you are working to a budget or perhaps looking for a lower cost option for a utility room.

Most laminates provide a waterproof surface making them easy to clean when a spill does occur. However, laminate isn’t as tough as stone surfaces and can be damaged by sharp and heavy objects. They can also be susceptible for hot pans leaving rings. Laminate is can restrict your kitchen design, for example, Belfast and under mount sinks won’t work with laminate and the width sizes need to be considered when designing unique spaces. That said, laminate has come a long way and can still provide a great surface solution for your kitchen.

Mix your materials

We love to combine materials and textures, so why not combine both wood and stone surfaces together for a perfect blend of luxury!

Your kitchen worktop is a big investment and we will help you make the right choice to suit your kitchen project. At our kitchen showroom in Suffolk, we have samples of all the options for you to see.  We fit many kitchen worktops in Ipswich and East Anglia and can offer you lots of advice along with portfolio photos of previous projects.

If you need any help, then do pop into the showroom or call us on 01394 421214 and we would be more than happy to advise.

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