Complete fitted En-suite Bathroom

Completely fitted en-suite bathroom

Our bathrooms are one of the first things we see as we set out in the morning; they set the tone for our day. Being surrounded by comfort, facility and luxury is a great way to make that start.

This generously sized en-suite has been designed and fitted by Debenvale from start to end. and our attention to detail shows. The vanity unit is an in-frame shaker style, which is hand-painted in situ. Carrara natural marble has been used for the vanity unit top and sink. We love how the basin filler is wall-mounted to keep the basin clear and easy to clean. The mirror above the vanity unit benefits from LED lighting and a de-mister, so essential for those hurried mornings!

An en-suite with functional elegance.

Making a bathroom beautiful is about form and function. The dual shower has a wet-room floor, with a minimalist drain which leaves out awkward shower trays with extra ridges to clean.

The shower itself has a neat wall-mounted control panel for the rain shower and the riser-rail head to operate. Again, hand-painted, the room also has an in-frame shaker storage cupboard for all of those bathroom essentials we don’t like out on show.

The free-standing stone bath and upright tap is something of a showpiece with its stunning curves and soft finishing. The wall-hung toilet and details like the tiled niches for shower accoutrements and toilet paper complete the overall effect.

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Bespoke En-Suite Bathroom

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