Five Top Trends in Bespoke Fitted Kitchens

Householders are increasingly realising that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s somewhere where you prepare meals, but also acts increasingly as the social hub of the home, and a real reflection of your personality.

Debenvale of Woodbridge supply and install quality fitted kitchens in homes throughout Suffolk and across East Anglia. Here we look at five of the latest trends in 2019, which are likely to be even more popular in 2020.

Bespoke Larders and Pantries

TV programmes such as The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef have highlighted the advantages of a bespoke larder or pantry. As cooks are inspired to become more adventurous, they need a wider variety of ingredients to choose from, as well as somewhere to put them.

At Debenvale we can add baskets, racks and drawers to your bespoke larder or pantry, to make maximum use of the available space. We can also add finishing touches such as cold shelves and sensor lighting.

Kitchen Islands

These are a versatile addition to any kitchen. Not only can they act as a food preparation surface, but they can also accommodate inbuilt storage and function as either a casual dining area or somewhere to relax.

Smart Solutions

Advances in technology means you can now buy fridges with touchscreens and inbuilt cameras. This means you can see what items you are running low on without opening the door, or even being at home.

Other items of kitchen equipment which have been updated thanks to the appliance of science include remotely-controlled white goods such as washing machines and dishwashers, as well as smaller items such as Wi-fi-enabled espresso makers.

And you aren’t restricted to just hot or cold water on tap any more. At Debenvale we can supply the Quooker Flex tap, which will give you instant boiling, cold or filtered water, all from the same spout.

Quartz Works for You

If you are looking for luxury kitchen worktops, then quartz reigns supreme in 2019. It is also extremely easy to clean, and extremely hygienic, and you have a much wider selection of colours to choose from now.

Quartz work surfaces are extremely popular with Debenvale customers, although we can also supply granite and Corian as well as several other cost-effective alternatives, including natural wood and Formica.

Open and Glass-Fronted Shelving

Although open shelving might not appear to be particularly functional, everything on the shelves is in plain view – so you don’t have the problem of forgetting what’s stored where. The shelves also make the kitchen appear more spacious. You can also use them to store unusual items, which means your kitchen becomes more of a showcase for your individual personality.

Glass-fronted cabinets are also a popular trend in bespoke kitchens. You will still be able to see what’s stored inside, and, if you use reeded or fluted glass, it creates some interesting light patterns throughout the kitchen

Quality Fitted Kitchens from Debenvale of Woodbridge

Debenvale of Woodbridge supply and install quality fitted kitchens for clients across Suffolk, including in Felixstowe, Framlingham, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich, and throughout East Anglia. All your designs are brought to life in our workshop, which is next to the showroom.

Our team of skilled, experienced craftsmen use traditional methods, and you are more than welcome to see them at work once you have placed your order. We also supply bespoke furniture for bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices and living rooms.

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