Free Griddle Plate or Teppan Yaki with Neff Flexinduction Hob

Claim your free induction griddle plate or teppan yaki when you purchase any Neff Flexinduction hob.

Neff flexinduction hob offer

Why choose a Flexinduction hob?

“FlexInduction really does mean ‘any pan, anywhere’ cooking; no more juggling hot pans for hob space.”

It uses an enlarged single zone that heats pans of any size, positioned anywhere within it, giving great flexibility and improved control over cooking requirements.

FlexInduction hobs have one or two elongated induction zones, which create a total cooking area each of 380mm x 200mm, providing consistent heat across the whole of this surface.

Four unique induction coils and positioned beneath the glass of each zones and can work independently or together, dependent on whether a pan is detected on the surface. This means that energy efficiency is maximised and pans of any size can be placed anywhere in the zone.

Call into the showroom for a demonstration of the Neff Flexinduction hob or give us a call to book a free and design for your kitchen

Offer valid to 31st December 2014, terms and conditions apply.

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