Handmade Bespoke Media Wall

Handmade bespoke Media Wall

Our electronics are a huge part of our lives, especially since entertainment became the survival approach to lockdown. As cool as new TVs can look, there’s nothing quite as sophisticated and cool as having your AV housed in a Media Wall.

The Media Wall gives a room a sense of personality and style, allowing you to store the things you want to to hide, and to display the things you are proud of. This stunning example has been spray finished to perfection, saving the beautifully grained oak counter tops. To maintain that sleek, minimal effect, the units are ‘handle-less’, that is to say, they have recessed handles to compliment the sight lines.

Hide the clutter, show the features.

Feature lighting really sets this off, and adds to the mood of the room. The backlighting of the collected pieces in this example shows just what a difference good lightning can make.

The asymmetric approach draws the eye to the features and makes a large TV almost recede into the background as it fits so snugly into the wall. The raised centre section with LED downlighting also gives the impression that the unit is somehow floating. All cables, wires and DVD boxes are hidden. Once the project was complete, the owners told us that the room felt bigger now.

These homeowners also opted for a coffee table style unit and a tall complimentary drinks cabinet to tie the room together.

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Bespoke Media Wall

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