Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

Website Address:

Business Name:

Debenvale Ltd

Business Address For Data Enquiries:

The Granary, Rendlesham Mews, Rendlesham, Suffolk, IP12 2SZ

Business Telephone Number For Data Enquiries:

01394 421214

Date Last Revised

7 January 2021


This policy is in relation to how we collect, store and process personal data on our website. It covers five main areas,

  1. Contact Forms
  2. E Commerce (If Applicable)
  3. Analytics
  4. Firewall
  5. Website Backups & Maintenance

The website is kept up to date and uses a secure socket layer encryption (SSL) to ensure all data transmitted across the internet is encrypted.  The database and website files are held on a server in a secure datacentre protected both physically and electronically by security process.

In all instances we do not share your data with any third party (unless otherwise stated) and only use it in direct relevance to the reason it was given to us in the first place.

In all instances we are happy to share with you what personal data we might have and you can contact us by phone or in writing at the details above.

Contact Forms

We use contact forms on our website, this means that if you wish to contact us you can use the forms.

The form(s) will ask you for your name and email address.  In some cases more information is collected which is relevant to the nature of the enquiry.

This is how we process your information:

You will be asked if this is OK to process this information before you submit the form.  Because we need this information to effectively respond we will not process the form without your permission.

Once you have submitted the information it will send an email to us where we will respond to you appropriately.  We will delete the email when the enquiry has reached an end.

This is how we store your information:

In some cases, we keep a version of the contact form in our website database so that we can ensure we have a copy of your original contact. 

You will be asked for permission to store this information when you go to submit the form.  If you do not give permission to store the information but just to process it you can still submit the form (as long as you agree for us to process the information).

This is how we use your information:

We only use your data in conjunction with the enquiry you made.

E Commerce (If applicable)

When you purchase something from our webstore we collect billing and shipping information which includes personal information, in some cases we also provide the option to create an account.

This is how we process your information:

Your personal information is transmitted to us in an email order form which we use to process your order and enter onto our financial systems.  Your payment information is held within PayPal or equivalent and not used anywhere else. We do not do anything with account information if an account has been made.

This is how we store your information:

Your order information is stored in the website database and is kept there securely, an email version of the order is kept on our computer and is stored there.

Because we need your personal information to be able to comply with distance selling regulations, tax requirements and warranties we do store your data.  We will only store this information for the length of time required under the appropriate regulation.


We use Google analytics to track the number of visitors to our site. We have ensured that the data collected using Google Analytics is anonymous and that IP anonymization is employed.

This is how we process your data

Under the definitions outlined in the GDPR regulations we are the controller of data and not the processor of data.  Google have the obligation to conform to the GDPR regulation.

This is how we store your data

As Google is the data processor they will have their own policy on how they store data.


We use multiple firewall solutions that asks for your IP address before allowing access to our website, this data is anonymized and only gathered as a legitimate interest to ensure only legitimate people can access the website.  The firewall providers are the processor of this data and we can provide you with their contact information on request.

Website backup and maintenance

We backup the website on a regular basis, each of these backups will have a complete replica of the website, including the data stored within it. 

The backups are managed by Mor-Tech computing services which use third party software to make the backups.  Backups are a key element to business continuity and as such are a legitimate interest reason for processing and storing the data. We therefore do not need explicit permission to store process and store this data.  The backups have a 90 day retention policy so if any request to remove personal data is made it can take 90 days for any archived version of your data to be removed.