What is a shaker kitchen? Get some great shaker style kitchen examples here

What is a shaker kitchen?

The word ‘Shaker’ is commonly used in the kitchen industry to describe a particular style of a door and is a popular choice of kitchen design.

Historically its creation dates back the mid 18th century, where a religious community known as the Shakers lived in the North West of England. The community was self sufficient with a strong belief in cleanliness, honesty and frugality at the heart of their economic success. They raised most of their own food and pursued a variety of trades and hand crafts.

Shaker craftsmen were well known for a style of shaker furniture that was plain, durable and functional.  Shakers were well respected by other communities and their industry went on to create many useful inventions still used today, from tools such as the shaker peg, weaving looms and the flat broom, to machinery including the circular saw and wheel driven washing machine.

The Shakers dedication to hard work and perfection resulted in a huge range of architecture, furniture and handicraft styles.

How is a shaker kitchen made?

A shaker door is well proportioned and made up of 5 pieces with a frame and recessed centre panel.

It’s a popular choice for its simplicity and classic look and there are many ways to personalise the style to suit your home and taste.

The door itself can be made from solid wood such as Oak or Walnut with a laquered finish to bring out the woods natural beauty, or they can be hand painted or sprayed any colour. Details such as lambslip or beadings can be added to achieve a more ornate look.

The door can be fitted to the front of the kitchen frame or set into the frame to give the appearance of a more substantial piece of furniture, we call this an ‘inset frame kitchen’ or ‘framed kitchen’.

We also offer the shaker style in a curved door, to achieve this we have invested in equipment which uses suction to shape the door into a curved shape at varying radius’s.

Teamed with dovetail drawer boxes and solid cabinetry, a shaker kitchen is adaptable, timeless and long lasting, suiting both traditional and contemporary designs. A perfect choice for any home.

Visit our workshops and showroom

To learn more about our methods, come along to our beautiful Suffolk showroom. We have two floors of displays showing a variety of shaker kitchens and we will take you into our adjoining workshops where you can see how everything is made by hand.

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