Get organised with a bespoke larder from Suffolk Kitchen Manufacturer Debenvale

It’s that time of the year for a spring clean and to get organised. A well designed kitchen pantry unit from Suffolk Kitchen manufacturer Debenvale, will help keep your kitchen in order all year round.

When preparing your kitchen plans, storage and organisation is key and we’ll encorporate this with your drawers, cupboards and larders. The beauty of bespoke handmade kitchens which are designed for you means your storage and organisation can be built around you and your daily life style. Adding drawers and bespoke shelving just scrapes the possibilities Debenvale can achieve for you.

Larders are a great place for storage! Fill them with drawers, baskets, shelving and racks to achieve the optimum storage capabilities for your space.

Larders don’t have to be massive but if they are designed and organised correctly, they will make cooking and time keeping a lot easier.

Adding our dovetail handmade solid drawers into your larder means dried produce is right at your fingertips. Allowing you to see all your food in one glance, our drawers are installed with the latest double extension runners which can hold up to 40kg of weight. The soft close mechanism tops off the finishing touches and adds that element of luxuriousness. Including dividers into your drawers can make space for anything. Keeping different types of produce separate prolongs the sell by date and allows you to keep cooking with fresh ingredients for longer. Keep everything close by adding plates and bowls into one of section, along with receipe books and utensils.

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Spice racks on the back of the doors are a great way to use all available space and maximise storage within your bespoke larder. Keep super organised and go that extra mile by engraving on the front of each shelf. They don’t just look great, but they also allow you to find items super quick.

Adding shelves within the larder means items that aren’t used often can be placed further towards the top. Storing in clear tubs and jars or using written labels makes you certain you know what is up there. The lower shelves can be used for jarred pasta and rice and even your Kitchen aid mixer.

A cold shelf can be included creating the perfect prep space for your toast and jam in the morning, concealing your toaster with the larder keeps your visible worktop surfaces clean and tidy.

Finish off your larder with well-placed lighting to help with finding those hidden snacks late at night. Sensor lighting when the doors and opened and closed are a great addition to any larder and a must have here at Debenvale.

The possibilities are endless for your new larder and being a Suffolk Kitchen manufacturer, we will not only design but handcraft your bespoke larder to suit you.

Pop into our showroom or book an appointment with us to see how we can design your new bespoke larder today.

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